Snow Day Fun with Believe in Me!

We know snow days can be tough - they're a nice break from school and work but sometimes it's hard to keep your sanity when the whole family gets trapped indoors all day!  Believe in Me thought we'd help with some simple, fun activities that will give your kiddos a chance to get their wiggles out while enjoying some family time together!

1.  Make an Indoor Obstacle Course


This is super easy and helps kids burn off extra energy.  With two minutes of prep time you can have this set up in no time!  You can have everyone run it forwards, backwards, and as many times as they can handle!

Here are some ideas to get you going (use in any order you'd like!):

- Use painter's tape to make lines to follow on the floor (go around tables, over obstacles, under chairs, in zig zag patterns, jump into/out of circles, squares, etc.)

- Grab some fake snow from Christmas (or spider webs from Halloween!) and have your kids jump into it, step over it, or crawl through it

- Set up pillows or stepping buckets to step across (like the photo above)

- Line up some chairs from the kitchen and throw a blanket over the top to make a quick tunnel

- Cut out some big circles from construction paper (bonus points if they are white for 'snowballs') and have your kiddos hop from one to the next


2.  Put Together a Snowy Sensory Bin

Sensory bins are a great way to mellow out and regroup after running an obstacle course!  If you have an empty plastic bin or big bowl you're halfway there.  Here are a few ideas to use in your bin:

- Scoop up some snow from outside and hide some bath toys for a cold game of hide and seek

- Grab some ice from the freezer and let your little ones pour warm water over it to watch it melt (***bonus!  If you're prepping this one ahead of time you can freeze some toys the night before and then "save" them!***)

- Use some fake snow, some snowflake stickers, left over Christmas decorations (like tinsel, some ornaments, fake pine trees), pretty much anything you can find and then help your child look for the objects you name

- Raid the bathroom for cotton balls and toss in some fun toys or items to find


3.  Dance Party (need we say more??)!!!!

Any fun songs will do but to add some structure to this party, find some songs that encourage listening while you move.  

We happen to love "Listen and Move" which uses simple directions (like walk, run, jump, skate) paired with different musical themes to help kids follow along with movement.

Freeze dance is another great way to activate listening skills during play.  Try out Yo Gabba Gabba's "The Freeze Game" or any song from Frozen to stay in the winter theme!


4.  Hot Cocoa Sensory Craft

This arts and crafts idea is a great way to incorporate some new textures into your toddler's play using materials you already have in your pantry.  Bonus:  you can follow it up immediately with some real warm cocoa!

What you'll need:

Construction paper

Hot cocoa mix

Marshmallows (optional)


Glue (Elmer's or glue stick would both work!)

Decorations (stickers, puffs, cotton balls, glitter, etc)

What to do:

Let your kiddo pick what color they'd like their mug to be.  Cut out a mug shape from the colored paper they choose.

Let your kiddo choose their background color.  Help them glue their mug onto their big piece of paper.

At the top of the mug, use the glue to make an oval where the hot cocoa will go.  Help your kiddo pour the hot cocoa mix onto the glue.  This is where it's ok to get messy!  Kids love swirling the mix around in the glue and engaging with this novel texture.

Add on as many marshmallows as you'd like!  You can also make this more structured by counting out marshmallows or making shapes with them.

Decorate your mug with stickers or glitter or whatever you have on hand.  

After it dries hang it on the fridge as a beautiful memory of your snowy day fun!


Need a few more ideas???

- Cut out snowflakes and talk about their features (is it big, small, blue, silly, round, square....)

- Try to catch snowflakes on black construction paper and count how long it takes to melt

- What happens if you mix sugar and salt and hot cocoa mix on a tray and trace your finger through it?  Find out!

- Hide snowflakes around the house for a scavenger hunt

- Bundle up and head outside!  It's the perfect time for snowmen and snow angels and sleds

- Have a snowball fight - use crumbled up paper, cotton balls, styrofoam balls, white balloons - whatever you have on hand!


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